Material The Way It Looks Is Not the Only Reason Why We Choose Not to Use Plywood

‘Plywood’ is used in most houses, which is likely to give off formaldehyde, which could cause house sick syndrome and other allergies. To secure thorough safety for children, we avoid all possibilities of danger.

Paint and Coating Eatable Safe Paint and Natural Oil, Gentle to the Eyes

Little children put everything in their mouths. WOODY PUDDY toys are colored with safe paint that meets the requirements of European and Japanese toy safety standards, EN71-1 and ST, and passes the Japanese food evaluation test. It can be put inside the mouths of children. Our furniture is coated with natural oil, free of environmental endocrine disrupters. It absorbs light, which makes it gentle for the eyes.

Shapes Throwing, biting, hitting; unlimited curiosity calls for safe shapes.

Touch, throw, bite, hit; children’s actions are unpredictable. Still, WOODY PUDDY tries its best to predict them. Making corners round to make them safe to throw, sizing them impossible to swallow when put inside mouths; to let children play at will to their full extent, we take safety seriously and think in the shoes of children.

Shapes Throwing, biting, hitting; unlimited curiosity calls for safe shapes.


The Toy Safety Regulations restrict toxic and harmful substances. Our paints have passed the test of the 8 Heavy Metals they restrict.

The 8 Heavy Metals
Antimony, Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Chrome, Lead, Mercury, Selenium

The EU and most of the world restrict their use on the grounds that they are highly toxic and are likely causes of health disorders. More paints are shifting toward ways to produce color without using heavy metals. WOODY PUDDY uses safe paint that meets the requirements of the Japanese food evaluation law.

Which Toys Are They Applied to?
1) Toys intended for children to put in their mouths
2) Ground cherries
3) Tracing papers, folding papers, and blocks
4)Rubber, plastic or metal toys of the following: (tumble dolls, masks, guiros, toy phones, animal toys, dolls, dough, vehicles, balloons, toy blocks, balls, play house toys etc).
*Our subject toys have passed the Inspection of Food Imports
*Unopened imported products go to the place of inspection to take the migration test.
*Testing Agency: Japan Recreation and Miscellaneous Goods Safety Laboratory

About Safety

As children use them, we use safe paint. Safety is also the key element of our toy production from design to structure.

About the ST marks

Our toys have passed the safety regulations set by the Japan Toy Association. Each new toy is tested.
(1) The structure must not have dangerous parts, cause injuries when touched, or be easy to break.
(2) The recommended age range must be labeled to limit the use by little children below certain ages to avoid swallowing small parts.
(3) The toy must meet the safety regulations of ST Requirements.

Nearly all our toys meet the requirements from (1) through (3). Yet, a few of our toys do not meet (3). Concerning them, we own official certifications that prove they meet (1) and (2).
Since January 1st, 2010, new safety regulations (ST Standard) on magnets were added. Our Play House Series and magnetic toys are subject to them. Though the new ST regulations do not approve these toys since January 1st, 2010, they do not restrict the sales of products made before then.

Toys intended for use by small children below 8 years old must not have small parts.
(*Small parts defined by the Japan Toy Association)

We develop new products, based on these new regulations to get ST certificates. Also, we are renewing our current products with small parts to meet these regulations. Please understand.

Wooden Products

WOODY PUDDY products (furniture, toys, and home decor) are made of natural materials. They are alive. Materials keep breathing even after becoming products. According to moisture and temperature, they constantly expand and shrink ever so slightly. The change is usually nearly unnoticeable, yet depending on the season of the year and where they are kept, in some cases the change in size could become apparent and movable parts may become tight (such as drawers). This is proof that the wood is alive. In many cases, they cure in the course of time. Moving them to different places is also effective. Please give them some time.
Also, many of our original products are each handmade by craftspeople. Wood grains and knots differ one by one. There could be small scars and colors could slightly differ. Just as each person has his/her characteristics, each wooden toy is slightly different from each other. Please understand and enjoy our wooden products. We inspect our products both at the place of production and in Japan. Basically, a piece is good if it is capable of use and play (a slight difference in color, a little space between joints does not make it a failure). Requirements could be different from that of plastic or industrial goods. To save our natural resources, it is difficult to secure precision and uniformity. In some occasions we cannot replace certain parts. Please accept these characteristics and enjoy our natural wooden products for a long time.

Wooden Furniture and Toys WOODY PUDDY






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