NOSTALGICO is a mid-century series which reminds you of the old days. The hard and durable walnut bears rich wood color. The different colored drawer handles add an accent to the series, along with unique footrests and other features. You can adjust the height of the award winning chair (Good Design Award). The series also includes a bed, wardrobe, and a chest.


The playful series, ARCANO, draws attention to its round drawer handles. The simple design gives life to the beautiful maple colored grains, characteristic of alder. The flexible wood feels soft and warm to the touch. The ARCANO desk was originally designed for children. However, with its 120cm wide surface and functional shelves, many parents also buy it for their private study rooms.


Kiitos is known for its simple natural looks, as if the parts were cut out from the original wood and made in front of them. The series is made of pine, whose big grains and gentle flesh color brings relaxation and warmth to the mind. The natural oil finish protects its original texture and comfortable scent. Damaged surfaces can be easily cured at home.

Switch Plates & Outlet Covers

How about replacing your home switch plates and outlet covers to wooden ones? Not only wooden walls, they match white walls very well. The warm touch of solid wood gives an accent to the house. You can choose from 3 kinds of wood, black walnut, alder and white ash. It can be easily installed both by men or women in less than a minute.

How to install a WOODY PUDDY
outlet cover on the wall






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