Joining the 2nd LOHAS FESTA in TOKYO

This is Toji of WOODYPUDDY.
We are joining the LOHAS FESTA this weekend in Tokyo.
Date: 2011/10/29(Sat), 30(Sun)
Place: Hikarigaoka Park・Shibafu-no-Hiroba (Nerima-ku)
Time: 9:30?16:00
Entrance Fee: 200-
Weather: Rain or shine event

*It may be cancelled under severe weather.
Please bring your kids to the WOODY PUDDY play corner and enjoy our solid wood toys!
Visit the WOODY PUDDY booth and you will find?
・PLAY HOUSE TOYS discount sales by the gram

Some of the items will only be sold in this event.
If you’re living near Nerima-ku, Tokyo, please invite your friends and come to play with us! WOODY PUDDY will be waiting for you.
Prepare your bag, water flask… Let’s get ready and go to the LOHAS FESTA♪
LOHAS FESTA started in Banpaku Park, Osaka in 2006. 
This is their 5th year.
I have known the name of the event, but I had never participated in it before.
When WOODY PUDDY opened a booth this spring, I took my baby daughter there (during my maternity leave period). The great size of the area surprised me. No wonder they say the LOHAS FESTA is inspired by the European flea market.
The booths were so fashionable and cute!
And the food was great (very important)!
There were many families with small children.
Kids were running around, having fun!
The time that ran through the area was very relaxing and it was really fun.
I hope the weather would be fine this weekend.
We expect you all to come!
Oh, I wish I could be at the LOHAS FESTA TOKYO, too…
This time, I’m staying in the Kobe office.
(translated by Yamada, who is also staying in the Kobe office this time)